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Printed in full colour one side on 13 oz. Glossy Vinyl or 13 oz. or Vinyl Matte. Vinyl banners are a inexpensive, flexible and portable way to get your message in front of your clients. They are weather and tear resistant making them great for indoor or outdoor use and they can be displayed horizontally or vertically to maximum your viewing area. They are most often used as temporary signs, Grand openings, POP displays, sponsor recognition, advertising specials and trade shows booths. Stand not included.

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Product Types:

13 oz. Glossy Vinyl or

13 oz. Matte Vinyl



Range from 1 to 10


Sizes available include:

12"x 24",  12"x 36",  12"x 48",

12"x 60",  24"x 24",  24"x 36",

24"x 48",  24"x 60",  31.5"x 78.75",

31.5"x 81",  31.5"x 90",  33.5"x 78.75",

35.43"x 78.75",  35.43"x 81",

35.43"x 90",  36"x 36",  36"x 48",

36"x 60",  39.37"x 78.75",

39.37"x 81",  39.37"x 90",

47.5"x 48.75",  47.5"x 78.75",

47.5"x 81",  47.5"x 90",  48"x 48",

48"x 60",  60"x 60",  72"x 12",

72"x 24",  72"x 36",  72"x 48",

72"x 60",  84"x 12",  84"x 24",

84"x 36",  84"x 48",  84"x 60",

96"x 12",  96"x 24",  96"x 36",

96"x 48",  96"x 60",  120"x 12",

120"x 24",  120"x 36",  120"x 48",

120"x 60",  144"x 12",  144"x 24",

144"x 36",  144"x 48",  144"x 60"


Bindery: Cut to size.

Turnaround: 2-4 Business Days

Accepted File Type: PDF


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